5 of the Most Common Insecurities Amongst Men

There’s nothing more attractive to a woman than a man with confidence. Unfortunately, confidence isn’t always something that comes naturally to men.

There are a number of reasons why men struggle to be completely confident but there are ways to overcome these insecurities. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why most men tend to feel less confident about themselves.

Top 5 reasons why men feel unconfident

  1. Body Image

It’s hard to feel confident about your body when you have celebs like Ryan Gosling walking around out there. While it may seem that women have the most confidence issues when it comes to their bodies, men are right up there too.

The fix: Instead of aiming to have a perfect body, strive to have a healthy, strong body instead. Making simple changes to your lifestyle can make a huge difference to your physique over the long term. Eat clean and stay active to achieve a better body image.

  1. Penis Size

Countless men are unhappy with the size and shape of their penis but the reality is that the majority of men actually have an average size penis and have nothing to worry about. Penis shape and size has always been a concern for men because it is associated with virility and sexual desirability.

The Fix: Start by getting realistic about the size of your penis before you take any drastic measures. Remember that knowing how to use your penis is often more important to a woman than the length of it. If you are still not happy with the size of your penis, there is the option of using penile injections to safely and effectively increase the size of your penis. You can read more about this procedure by visiting https://www.calibreclinic.com.au/penis-enlargement/

  1. Sexual Abilities

If you feel anxious in the bedroom, know that you’re not alone. Many men worry about whether they’re actually capable of pleasing their partner in the bedroom and if there’s something they should be doing differently.

The Fix: Firstly, do not use porn movies as inspiration or education as trying to perform this way is unrealistic. Being good in the sack is all about being patient and being willing to take direction from your partner. Read her signals or go ahead and ask her what feels good or what she likes.

  1. Finances

Being successful and financially secure does play an important role in your self-confidence as a man. Men are seen as the providers and a lot of women are more drawn to men who are financially secure.

The Fix: If you’re struggling financially, it may be time to sit down and create a budget. Being savvier with your money doesn’t mean that you can’t look good or take a woman out to a nice dinner either, it simply means that you’re more conscious about how you spend your money. Setting financial goals will not only make you look more ambitious to women but will help you get your finances on track too.

  1. Hair

No man wants to deal with thinning hair or hair loss but it does become a reality as we get older. Genetics can also mean that you experience hair loss at a younger age but this doesn’t have to affect your confidence.

The Fix: There are a number of supplements and hair loss treatments that can help you regain a fuller head of hair. There is also the option to give your head a sexy shave.

Willie Friedman

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